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Tempos are sometimes used in training to help drive physical adaptation and increase both learning and strength. The use of artificial pauses and tempos does an incredible job of forging the connection between the mind and the body. Here are just som
Any CrossFitter knows the Whiteboard (or, perhaps, the Smartboard for those at super tech-savvy gyms), where the daily workout is posted and scores are noted. Most coaches make sure each individual logs their score, time, or weight for the day, even
For many women, CrossFit has changed the way they view and think about their bodies. Rather than seeing their bodies as projects that need to be fixed and beautified, many female CrossFitters look at their bodies as incredible machines that need to b
Wondering if a paleo diet is for you? By now, you’ve surely heard about it at the box or online, so it’s no surprise if you’re curious. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you decide if it’s a lifestyl
The power clean is a very intricate movement that involves not only speed, but strength. Power cleans are one of the many explosive movements in CrossFit. Efficient technique will allow you to add more weight and become more fluid in the movement. If
The CrossFit gym is truly a very special and unique entity. CrossFit is so transformative because of what happens between these four walls. It’s not the workout, or the coach, or the equipment that makes it special, but rather the people suffer